The Bina Genomic Management Solution

When it comes to managing genomic data, stitching together a few open source tools is no longer a workable solution.  As data volumes increase, data governance, team collaboration and knowledge management become escalating challenges that have to be managed. To deal with these issues, Bina has envisioned a Genomic Management Solution (GMS) with a wide range of capabilities to integrate big data concepts with genomic analysis techniques.


Bina Genomic Management Solution

The Bina Genomic Management Solution will extend beyond typical analytic platforms to include:

Bina GMS analytics


Bina GMS will deliver accurate, scalable and cost effective genomic analysis, including:

  • Secondary and tertiary NGS analysis
  • WGS, WES, Targeted and RNA Sequencing
  • CNV and SV detection
  • Ensemble analyses
  • Extensive QC
  • Customizable, automated workflows and tool integration
Bina GMS collaboration


Bina GMS will foster collaboration across multi-functional genomic research teams, with:

  • Multi-site deployment
  • User and group level sharing
  • Shared pipelines
  • Group notes
  • User activity feed
  • Hand-off/sign-off enabled
Bina GMS data management

Data management

The platform will govern, secure and manage the genomic data lifecycle through:

  • Data lineage
  • Defined roles and permissions
  • Automated reports
  • Detailed logs and audit trails
  • Regulatory compliance support
  • Pipeline version control
Bina GMS analytic results


Analytic results will be stored as data and metadata that can be integrated, correlated and searched for insights including:

  • Genotype to phenotype correlations
  • Support for custom knowledge bases
  • Extensive charts and graphics
  • Reference data management
  • Cohort and pedigree analyses
  • Data mining tools

An efficient, scalable and reliable genomic management solution platform

Anyone can scale by throwing more CPUs at a problem, but the Bina GMS platform expands compute intelligently. With a combination of scale-out technology and software accelerators that use existing CPUs more efficiently, Bina provides reliability you can trust.

  • Quick turnaround time
  • On-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment
  • Detailed job monitoring
  • Support for external systems integration with APIs and command line interfaces

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