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Revolutionizing Medicine with Computer Science: The Transistor Moment

Posted by John Mu on Jul 30, 2015 9:00:00 AM

johnI have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering with a focus on bioinformatics and statistics. I put that into practice at Bina by developing novel bioinformatics algorithms, data analysis tools and back-end infrastructures, but it doesn’t stop there. Bina is a fast-paced team with a common goal. Everyone is given a fair amount of freedom on what to work on. Creative and out-of-the-box approaches are encouraged and supported company-wide. We are not pushed into silos in terms of projects, roles and tasks. We formulate solutions from a wide range of angles and development stages, from early research to implementation.

At Bina, we are laying the groundwork for the future. We shape the “transistor moment” for life sciences. What the transistor enabled for computation has extended as far as modern smart phones. It’s very similar to advancements in life sciences. Human genome sequencing started in 1991 and it’s amazing how far we’ve come. Next-gen sequencing has given us much hope in curing diseases such as cancer, and in helping clinicians realize the goal of personalized medicine. Bill Maris, President and Managing Partner at Google Venture once said in an interview, "We didn’t have much hope of curing cancer before you could sequence the genome. We’ve been at it for 15 years and people say 'Oh, cancer, we are making no progress.' Give it some time!" I believe computer science is going to revolutionize medicine in the near future, and I am very proud to be working in a company that is making a difference. 

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