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Being part of a larger picture with a sense of purpose

Posted by Bayo Lau on Sep 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM


It’s only been a short time since I joined  Bina – less than 6 months - but it’s been the best experience of my career. Previously, I worked both in academia and in industry. As a Research Engineer at Bina, I am developing the next-generation informatics pipeline and analysis tools. It’s a rare opportunity to be working towards something that will hopefully shape the future of this industry. 

After graduate school, I held a post-doctoral position at Columbia University in theoretical physics. After Columbia, I was computational biologist at the Broad Institute and then I was an HPC and algorithm engineer at Skytree, Inc. 

Bina is a very fast-paced, productive and goal-orientated environment. That’s how I like it! Academic work can be more theoretical, exploratory, and open-ended; here, we are driven to deliver on practical goals with an immediate impact. I've enjoyed both environments, but Bina suits me well.  

What we do here at Bina is meaningful. The data we deal with here really matters and it's a critical component of something very big – an end-to-end genomics solution from Roche Sequencing. It makes me feel a bit special to be part of this larger organization that is making a critical impact on improving human health.

Everyone has top-notch credentials and experience here. There is open communication – a willingness to have genuine interactions and share information between the scientists and engineers. I think that is one of the key reasons why Bina is a highly productive environment. Management is honest and upfront. Everyone, regardless of his or her role in the organization, is treated very well. 


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