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Genomics is the New Frontier: Impacting Human Health with a Career at Bina

Posted by Amirhossein Kiani on Jun 23, 2015 9:17:53 AM

0ba1d43Sheer impact. That’s what led me to Bina Technologies as the first full-time employee nearly four years ago. In my early teens, I co-founded my advertising company that would allow massive online marketing and analytics.  Later, armed with a degree in computer science, I worked at IBM and Google. Everything was in place for me to take on the world of gaming and advertising, but something was missing. In a chance meeting I heard about genomics and Bina’s vision for a disruptive technology that could fast-track research and drug development, and help enable a personalized cure for individual cancers.

On a human-level, it was easy to see that this was a much better use of my time. Genomics is interesting and cool. It’s an industry that is poised to make significant advances. From a tech-perspective, the genomics world is really behind where high-tech is, but it means we have this opportunity to leap years ahead – not just make incremental changes. This is truly disruptive.

Genomics is a new frontier. At Bina we have not only the best bioinformaticians and computer scientists, but I sit just an arm’s length away from experts in the biomedical world. Bina is a multidisciplinary team and we’re working in an environment that allows us to be super creative. We aren’t bound to our own fields of knowledge; this open system allows us to creatively and collaboratively troubleshoot solutions to problems that humans have never before considered.

In my life I have always sought to surround myself with the smartest people. It’s a strategy that has served me well, and it’s why I love Bina. This is the best school. I came from a different field but I now sit on an international panel of genomics experts. As a computer scientist, I didn’t see that coming. The sheer impact that I can have on the world and bioinformatics motivates me everyday.


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