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Join us and #code2cure

Posted by Jenny Hsu on Dec 8, 2015 1:11:00 PM

Are you an engineer or a bioinformatics scientist looking for your next step? Learn why our team members joined Bina in our new video. We’re working on some of the biggest challenges at the intersection of life science, computer science and software development. Our team has a diverse background but a common desire to work on problems that can have a major impact on improving human health. Over the last year, we’ve profiled team members with a broad range of experiences, here are a few of their stories:

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Join Bina at UC Berkeley for an Info Session on Next-Gen Genomic Sequencing

Posted by Jenny Hsu on Oct 20, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Next-gen genomic sequencing is a new frontier. The complexity and sheer size of life sciences data will make astronomical data problems look modest. Come learn about the exciting domain of genomic data analysis where computer science meets life science. Our Berkeley alum Austin Doupnik, a software engineer at Bina, will share what it is like to work on a disruptive technology and help realize the goal of personalized medicine. Come network and learn about exciting career opportunities at Bina!
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Being part of a larger picture with a sense of purpose

Posted by Bayo Lau on Sep 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM

It’s only been a short time since I joined  Bina – less than 6 months - but it’s been the best experience of my career. Previously, I worked both in academia and in industry. As a Research Engineer at Bina, I am developing the next-generation informatics pipeline and analysis tools. It’s a rare opportunity to be working towards something that will hopefully shape the future of this industry. 

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Perspective: Next Generation Dx Summit

Posted by Anoop Grewal on Sep 9, 2015 4:45:00 AM

The State of Clinical Exome Testing and more at the Next Generation Dx Summit

The Next Generation Dx Summit, held August 18-20 in Washington, DC, explored the latest diagnostic trends, with an emphasis on tests recently approved and under development that utilize next generation sequencing technologies. 

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Today's Bioinformatics: Where Big Data Meets Genomics

Posted by Hugo Lam on Sep 1, 2015 9:00:00 AM

With the rapid advance in sequencing technologies, biological data are being generated at an unprecedented rate. Since 2008, the amount of genomic data has been doubling in size every year. A full operating sequencing cluster is generating over 6 petabytes of data over 3 years, which is equivalent to over 70,000 whole genomes sequenced at 30X. So how large is the data? Six hundred times larger than the data generated by the same amount of users over 3 years on YouTube at their current upload rate. Yes, we are talking about exabytes (1018) of raw, unprocessed, and raw sequence data in a few years.  

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Coding Boot Camp Turns a Scientist into a Programmer

Posted by Bernie Chu on Aug 4, 2015 9:30:00 AM

A web of complex relationships brought me to Bina and keeps me enthralled every day. After completing a Ph.D. in chemical and systems biology, I realized what I really wanted to do was code. I attended a coding boot camp and was looking into jobs creating games and apps. That was where the groundbreaking work seemed to be, but I’m glad I discovered something more meaningful. 

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Revolutionizing Medicine with Computer Science: The Transistor Moment

Posted by John Mu on Jul 30, 2015 9:00:00 AM

I have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering with a focus on bioinformatics and statistics. I put that into practice at Bina by developing novel bioinformatics algorithms, data analysis tools and back-end infrastructures, but it doesn’t stop there. Bina is a fast-paced team with a common goal. Everyone is given a fair amount of freedom on what to work on. Creative and out-of-the-box approaches are encouraged and supported company-wide. We are not pushed into silos in terms of projects, roles and tasks. We formulate solutions from a wide range of angles and development stages, from early research to implementation.

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At the Intersection of Genomics, Data Analytics and Engineering

Posted by Julie Saffarian on Jul 21, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Some of my friends were surprised when I finished my Masters in Biology and Genetics at Stanford and didn’t immediately enroll in a Ph.D. Program or go to Medical School. Like many other classmates and Silicon Valley residents, I joined a startup, where I found a suitable home for my skills and passion for genetics.

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From Academia to the Front Line of Human Health: Challenges and Rewards

Posted by Greg Gibeling on Jun 30, 2015 9:36:00 AM

I came straight from academia – I studied and then worked in a lab at UC Berkeley, before joining Bina about 2 years ago. My background is computer science; this was my only my second experience with bioinformatics, the first being a research project with Dr. Bani Asadi, founder and CEO of Bina. 

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Genomics is the New Frontier: Impacting Human Health with a Career at Bina

Posted by Amirhossein Kiani on Jun 23, 2015 9:17:53 AM

Sheer impact. That’s what led me to Bina Technologies as the first full-time employee nearly four years ago. In my early teens, I co-founded my advertising company that would allow massive online marketing and analytics.  Later, armed with a degree in computer science, I worked at IBM and Google. Everything was in place for me to take on the world of gaming and advertising, but something was missing. In a chance meeting I heard about genomics and Bina’s vision for a disruptive technology that could fast-track research and drug development, and help enable a personalized cure for individual cancers.

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