Bina RAVE software for secondary genomic data analysis from fastq to vcf

The Bina Read Alignment, Variant Calling and Expression Software
For secondary analysis

Designed for researchers and bioinformaticians

The Bina RAVE software economically accelerates turnaround time for genomic data intelligence. The Bina RAVE software replaces the heavy lifting of pipeline specification and administration, while our pipeline accelerators improve execution time. Bioinformaticians can now concentrate their efforts towards planning new studies or configuring customized analyses, while bench scientists can begin interacting with genomic data analysis sooner.


Bina RAVE software for secondary genomic data analysis from fastq to vcf

The Bina RAVE software delivers:

  • Workflows covering a breadth of applications, including whole genome, whole exome, targeted panels, tumor-normal analysis, and RNA-seq
  • Comprehensive toolsets for alignment, variant calling, structural variation detection and expression analysis
  • Pipeline acceleration technology that provides up to a seven-fold reduction in turnaround time
  • The ability to achieve higher sensitivity and specificity using Bina-authored ensemble tools for structural variant detection and RNA-seq alignment
  • Simple web interfaces for job setup with easy-to-digest quality metrics
  • Customizable parameter sets with the ability to lock in versions of the tools for workflow reproducibility

Bina RAVE DNA whole genome calling
Running a Whole Genome Sequencing analysis in Bina RAVE
 Bina RAVE QC Radar
Whole genome, exome, targeted panel, RNA-seq and tumor-normal analyses in Bina RAVE