Bina Genomic Management Solutions
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Accelerate your NGS analysis with the Bina Read Alignment, Variant Calling, and Expression Module.

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Bina AAiM

Annotate in Minutes, Query & Filter in Seconds with the Bina Annotation and Analytics Intelligence Module.

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Flexible Deployment

Genomic Management Solutions for NGS Data analysis with flexible deployment options at ANY SCALE.

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Bina Read Alignment, Variant Calling, and Expression Module
Designed for researchers and bioinformaticians

  • Fastqc view portal
  • Genome sequencing portal
  • Job queue
  • Wgs analysis summary portal

Biologists and clinical researchers must have access to the best available tools to analyze their NGS data sets. With Bina RAVETM, clinical researchers can confidently analyze NGS data at their desk, and bioinformaticians can spend more time on valuable research and less time on data processing.

  • Whole Genome, Whole Exome, Targeted Panels, Somatic Mutation, Multi-Sample DNA and RNA-Seq
  • Upgrades provided regularly
  • Support for latest versions of Genomic Analysis Toolkit (GATK) and Cancer Genome Analysis (CGA) as well as structural variant detection tools
  • Designed for the biologist/clinical researcher
  • Incorporate into existing compute and storage infrastructure
  • Output ready to upload to the Bina AAiMTM for annotation and filtering

Bina aaim

Bina Annotation & Analytics Intelligence Module
Make sense of your NGS analysis.

The Bina AAiMTM is the fastest, most scalable annotation solution available on the market. Whereas many current annotation tools can’t process an entire whole human genome, the Bina AAiMTM can easily and quickly annotate complex whole genome data sets.

Full details:

  • Real-time interactive filtering
  • Define and save custom and multi-level filters using any combination of important associations and functional databases available on the platform
  • Easy-to-use interface designed for biologists, clinical researchers and geneticists
  • 140+ annotations from dozens of databases (including Clinvar, COSMIC, dbNSFP, 1000 Genome, and more.)
  • Regularly updated databases and annotation lists
  • functional-query-options-and-summary-annotation
  • results-of-cancer-and-damaging-functional-filter-annotation
  • column-add-function-annotation
  • Technical-filter-results-annotation

Deploy Bina in the way that works best for you.

Bina Virtual Private Cloud
Scalable, elastic and private cloud-based deployment.

Bina Virtual Private Cloud deployment is tailored for organizations that prefer a cloud-based (e.g. Amazon Web Services) deployment and could benefit from elasticity of the cloud.


Bina Rack
Accelerate your NGS analysis.

Our powerful, rack-mountable, 4-node, 64-CPU server seamlessly integrates with your data storage and management system. The scale-out architecture allows you to achieve any throughput necessary for your research.


Bina Desktop
Bring NGS Analysis to your desktop.

Bina Desktop reduces the speed of your analysis from days and weeks to hours and is small enough to fit under your own workstation. Bina Desktop additional ships with 5TB of re-usable local storage for ease of integration and immediate use.


Looking for a Custom Deployment?

If you’re interested in a custom deployment, get in touch. Our sales team will find a solution that works best for you and your data.

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Providing an infrastructure for analyzing terabytes of data on a daily basis is no simple task. Bina’s architecture allows you to scale out as much as you need with minimal external infrastructure needs.


Automation via REST API

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Smart Software Updates

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Robust User Management

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Reports & Auditability

Still not sure which one’s for you?

Just give us a call. We’re here to answer any questions you have. Want to see it in action? Test drive Bina and experience it for yourself, or watch a demonstration now.