Bina genomics pipeline for inherited disease research

Inherited Disease Research

Bina's inherited disease pipeline gives you the complete picture. With structural variants and SNVs in a single pipeline, you get a better understanding of potential disease markers, how multiple genes work together to affect disease, and more.

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Our robust workflows include sensitive alignment and detection (including SNP, Indel and Structural Variant), so your results are not only complete, but highly accurate.

Fastest Turnaround

Traditionally, it takes 130 hours for a cancer sample to move through the entire analysis workflow. With Bina Enterprise, it’s done in 5 hours.

Always Up-to-Date

Automatic updates ensure that you have the latest and greatest tools at your fingertips. Be modern forever.

Inherited Disease Pipeline (Germline Analysis)

Bina's germline analysis pipeline offers the highest throughput in the industry at 6 whole genomes and 50 whole exomes per day.

Inherited Disease NGS


  • Germline Analysis
  • FastQ File Output
sequence alignment


  • Bina Aligner
  • BWA and BWA-mem
Varriant Detection


  • SNP, Indel and Structural Variant Detection
  • GATK Tools: Indels and SNVs
  • SVs: Breakdancer, Breakseq, CNVnator, Pindel, Svmerge
Varriant Annotation


Over 140 annotions from public and private databases including: 1000 Genomes, HGMD, PGMD, dbSNP, SnpEff.

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Providing an infrastructure for analyzing terabytes of data on a daily basis is no simple task. Bina’s architecture allows you to scale out as much as you need with minimal external infrastructure needs.


Automation via REST API

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Smart Software Updates

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Reports & Auditability

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