Our Company

We’re passionate about improving the future practice of healthcare by accelerating the rate of personalized medicine research & discovery.

vision-3cc1e910The word "Bina" means "knowledge" or "insight", translated from both Persian and Hebrew.

Bina Technologies is defining the standards of high-performance genomic analysis.

Bina’s integrated, scalable, and comprehensive analysis platform empowers clinical and academic researchers to gain insight from their genomics data sets. Bina’s products dramatically decrease the complexity, time, and cost of the analysis, accelerating the science of personalized medicine.

Founded in 2011, we are an interdisciplinary team of engineers, computer scientists, and genomicists, revolutionizing human genomics research in Redwood City, California.

Bina was acquired by Roche in December 2014.

Our Mission

Together we are accelerating the science of personalized medicine by developing technologies for the analysis and organization of genomic information.

Our Vision

visionBina is accelerating medical research with faster, more accurate, and less complex genomic analysis.

Next-generation sequencing and other high-throughput genomic measurement technologies are providing us with unprecedented visibility into the origins of health and disease. Understanding these datasets has the potential to create a paradigm shift in how we develop drugs, diagnose disease, prevent ailments, and treat patients, especially in complex cases such as cancer.

One of the main challenges facing our industry today is the analysis and management of these massive datasets.

At Bina, we are dedicated to tackling this challenge every day. The science of interpreting the genome is an exciting work in progress. Our products provide the software systems and algorithms empowering scientists and clinical researchers to gain insight from genomic information and bring us all one step closer to the solutions that will change and save lives.

The team behind Bina Technologies is a diverse group of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Learn more about the faces of Bina Technologies here.

You can find us in person and hear more about what we're up to at a number of upcoming industry events.