Bina genomics pipeline for clinical research

Clinical Genomics Research

You need quality analysis. You need speed. You need simplicity. And it needs to be secure and reliable. Bina provides the high level of accuracy the clinical research environment demands — our products are highly validated and deliver 100% reproducibility, all the time. Allow Bina to accelerate your workflows and reduce your dependency on bioinformaticians.

Flexible On-Premises Computing

Your lab doesn’t need to send any data outside of their firewalls, and we work closely with your customer IT teams to integrated our solutions into upstream and downstream workflows.

Documentation and Reporting

We provide extensive documentation and detailed reporting of each analysis and the metadata for each sample. This in-depth data capture supports the compliance requirement of clinical research labs.

Secure and Safe Sharing

We help get the appropriate data to the right people in the most safe and secure ways. The workflows, annotation filters and decision trees can be locked down after the validation period and securely shared with colleagues.

Clinical Research Pipeline

clinical sequencing


  • Single or Paired End Sample Sequence
  • Tumor and Normal Sequence
  • Germline Analysis
  • FastQ File Output
sequence alignment


  • Bina Aligner, BWA, BWA-mem
  • TopHat, SpliceMap, Star
variant  detection


  • Tuxedo Suite (Cufflinks, CuffDiff, Cuffmerge)
  • SNP, Indel and Structural Variant Detection
  • GATK Tools: Indels and SNVs
  • SVs: Breakdancer, Breakseq, CNVnator, Pindel, Svmerge
variant annotation


Over 140 annotions from public and private databass including: COSMIC, ClinVar, Cancer Gene Census, HGMD, PGMD.

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Providing an infrastructure for analyzing terabytes of data on a daily basis is no simple task. Bina’s architecture allows you to scale out as much as you need with minimal external infrastructure needs.


Automation via REST API

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Smart Software Updates

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Reports & Auditability

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