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Bringing computer science to life science

Do you want to work on another "me too" app, ad-tech system, or ecommerce platform; or would you rather build cutting-edge systems that can help improve human lives?


We are looking for top-notch computer scientists, big data researchers and biotech professionals who are able to learn new domain and software technologies, build state-of-the-art distributed systems and web applications, or apply their knowledge and talent towards improving human health.

New to genomics? Don't worry, we've got your back. Our expert team of scientists will provide ample training to get you up to speed in no time.

Why Bina
Do #WorkThatMatters

The path to curing cancer lies in 1's and 0's. While we aren't the ones developing treatments, we are building software products that help researchers do it better and faster.

For genomic medicine to reach the clinic,
big data solutions must be found.

We develop robust, globally distributed systems to process the largest and most complex data that the field of computing has encountered. Our collective desire to accelerate the science of personalized medicine by tackling the most challenging problems is what drives us every day. 


Amirhossein Kiani

At Bina we have not only the best bioinformaticians and computer scientists, but I sit just an arm’s length away from experts in the biomedical world. Bina is a multidisciplinary team and we’re working in an environment that allows us to be super creative. More »


Greg Gibeling

To work at Bina is to have the opportunity to apply the basic framework of engineering and computer science and all of the fun parts of what you learned in school and what you dreamed about when you started programming. Bioinformatics is at the intersection of so many fields. If you want to truly make a difference in someone else's life, I encourage you to find a bioinformatics company to work for! More »


Bernie Chu

Bina is a great place to work. People ask, "Is Bina a tech or healthcare company?" We are using tech on the backend to solve healthcare challenges – there is never a dull moment. More »


Hugo Lam

Whether you are new or experienced in the genomics field, Bina is a great place to work - a versatile environment with cool and nice people from diverse backgrounds. Everyone is passionate about genomics and keen on contributing for a better future of medicine. More »


Bayo Lau

There is open communication – a willingness to have genuine interactions and share information between the scientists and engineers.  I think that is one of the key reasons why Bina is a highly productive environment. And, everyone, regardless of their role in the organization, is treated very well. More »


John Mu

Bina is a fast-paced team with a common goal. Employees are given a fair amount of freedom on what to work on. Creative and novel approaches to challenges are encouraged and supported company-wide. More »

The culture at Bina reflects our values.



We have a deep desire for excellence, and high standards for ourselves and others. We enjoy and honor what we do and we are passionately curious to learn more and grow.



We are courageous and excited to venture into new territories, result-oriented and execution driven.



We are all leaders in our own ways, regardless of position or title. We take initiatives and own our work, and solve together.



We work towards making our users successful and empowered. Our goal is to support, train and provide for them.



We are a team. We care for each other and help each other to become better people. We recruit, nurture, and mentor the best team to our company. We appreciate the diverse talent and backgrounds that different individuals bring to our team.

Perks and Benefits

Delicious food
You will never be hungry! We provide a fully stocked kitchen and catered lunches 5 days a week, plus occasional happy hours.

Health and wellness
We offer a competitive healthcare, dental, vision coverage and 401K plan through Roche. Also, enjoy a free massage on us every week.

Fun activities
From holiday parties to kayaking, you have plenty of opportunities to bond with your extended family outside of the office.

Professional development
We believe working smarter not harder is critical to success, for you and for Bina. We provide ample opportunities for training and professional development.           

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