We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Bina Technologies by Roche. 

On behalf of the Bina Technologies team, I wanted to share this great news with you.

We are very excited and grateful to join the Roche family! We see the acquisition of our company by Roche as a great validation of our product, technology, and team. This merger provides us with the resources, knowledge, and expertise to substantially grow our business and product capabilities.
It is our shared vision with Roche that informatics and data sciences are critical elements of an end-to-end genomics solution. Fast, easy-to-use, scalable, and robust informatics solutions make a big difference in the quality and impact of the work of scientists and researchers. We believe in the future of data-driven, personalized medicine. We are passionate about accelerating that future together with Roche.
We will continue the development of our best-in-class computing platforms and informatics solutions for the analysis and interpretation of genomics information at Roche.

We are committed to serving the market with our Bina Genomics Management Solution (GMS)1 that enables our customers to create insight and value out of genomics information.  We will also remain committed to supporting multiple sequencing technologies for our customers besides developing informatics solution for Roche sequencing technology.  
The acquisition by Roche will enable Bina to accelerate product development and global commercialization of the Bina-GMS as an enterprise software system for pharmaceutical companies, academic, and translational research centers. Meanwhile we will also continue to grow our creative interdisciplinary team of bioinformatics scientists, computer scientists and software engineers.



What does this mean for our customers?   
The additional resources and support from Roche will enable Bina to:

  • Provide superior technical support to our customers
  • Grow our offering for global enterprise and clinical customers
  • Expand commercial operations
  • Accelerate product development
Have any questions? 
Please contact sales@bina.com to schedule a discussion with your team.

Narges Bani Asadi
CEO, Bina Technologies

1 Bina’s Products are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.