Bina AAiM Software

The Bina Annotation & Analytics Intelligence Module SoftwareFor tertiary analysis

Make sense of your NGS analysis

The Bina AAiM software brings fast and scalable tertiary NGS analysis to every genomics researcher. While many annotation tools cannot process whole human genomes, the Bina AAiM software can easily and quickly annotate complex whole genome data sets, as well as exome and targeted panel variant output.

Bina AAiM NGS software

The Bina AAiM software delivers:

  • Real-time, interactive querying
  • The ability to define and save custom and multi-level filters using any combination of important associations and functional databases available on the platform
  • Easy-to-use interfaces designed for biologists, clinical researchers and geneticists
  • 140+ annotations from over 20 commercial and private databases (including ClinVar, COSMIC, dbNSFP, 1000 Genomes, and more)
  • Regularly updated databases and annotation lists
  • Direct consumption of output from Bina RAVE software secondary analysis allowing for end-to-end genomic analysis

Bina AAiM software offers real-time filtering of variants
Mutations along the sequence are displayed in the lollipop view