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You focus on the science. We handle the data.

Accurate, scalable and cost-effective genomic analysis


Genomic data management that governs, secures and manages the genomic

Data Management

 Fosters collaboration across multi-functional genomic research teams


Providing the informatics for an end-to-end NGS workflow


Bina develops next-generation genomic management solutions by enhancing best practices in big data and information management for industry-leading sequencing platforms. In addition, Bina is integrating tightly with upstream and downstream solutions offered by Roche Sequencing. Roche and Bina aim to build a seamless, end-to-end solution that can realize the promise of precision medicine.

End to end solution combining sample prep, sequencing and informatics

Genomics meets big data

To stay on top of data volumes, organizations
need big data solutions

Bina provides a comprehensive environment for secondary and tertiary genomic analysis, end-to-end data management and effective collaboration. Bina’s solutions help you organize, find and share insights as data volumes increase and genomic pipelines evolve.

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Bina NGS genomic management solutions

Focus on the science

Accurate, comprehensive secondary analysis at your fingertips

Bina’s cost-effective and reliable technology accelerates secondary analysis for custom and pre-validated genomic pipelines. We deliver a suite of best-in-class tools for integrating whole genome, whole exome, targeted panels, somatic mutation and RNA-Seq workflows. Bina’s ensemble analysis also improves the accuracy of common open source tools to deliver greater detection sensitivity and specificity.

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Bina RAVE secondary analysis software
Bina AAiM tertiary analysis software

Rapid discovery of variants with clinical significance

Bina employs big data technologies to enable querying and annotation of variants from millions down to a handful — in a matter of minutes. Users can custom configure filter sets with access to over 140 annotations for visualization and instantaneous interaction with results.

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Fast and accurate

Don’t wait weeks for results: analyze a whole genome in just a few hours

Bina isn’t just stitching together existing open source tools. According to Michael Snyder, Professor and Chair of the Department of Genetics at Stanford University, our highly tuned big data platform has enhanced the custom pipeline at Stanford's Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine to run up to 7 times faster. In addition, we invest heavily to improve the accuracy of analytical genomic results.

Analyze a whole genome in hours with Bina’s informatics platform



Bina accelerates performance

Bina massively reduces the time of genomic analysis for Stanford’s Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine.

Genomic analysis has never been easier

Get back to what you do best

We provide fit-for-purpose user interfaces that work for a diverse set of needs, making it easy for bench scientists to specify standard workflows, and for bioinformaticians to customize analyses.

Extend your genomic team with Bina expertise

Our team of engineers, computer scientists, data architects, bioinformaticians and genomic experts can function as an extension of your organization. Our team is continually improving the performance of our analytical software, where enhancements for greater accuracy are seamlessly transferred through regularly supported updates.

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Scalable and reliable technology

As you expand in volume and complexity, Bina has you covered

Bina’s high performance genomic data analysis operates on an optimized and tested big data platform, allowing your organization to scale up and grow with minimal changes to your infrastructure. We validate our pipelines and test our software so you can spend your time on genomic data intelligence, instead of fixing broken analytical pipelines. Plus, our flexible deployment options deliver reliability and scale on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both.

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Flexible, reliable and scalable genomic data analysis and management solution

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